The Magic Money Tree

The Conservatives have just signed a “confidence and supply” deal with the DUP. This essentially allows Theresa May to cling onto power just a little while longer, at the cost of  about £1 billion. That’s right – our weak leader has just caved into actual, literal blackmail to cling onto a mandate she doesn’t have, siding with a party that epitomises everything I hate. Anti-abortion, anti-LGBT climate deniers who want to teach creationism in schools. Eugh.

I’m not opposed to Northern Ireland having more funding for infrastructure and the like, obviously. But for it to be the result of one person’s selfish desperate power grab and after years of austerity is absolutely galling. It’s also something that really ought to be extended to every member of the UK; England and now Northern Ireland shouldn’t be getting special treatment. It’s wholly hypocritical to be financing a party with links to terrorism after spending a large proportion of the election falsely berating Jeremy Corbyn for being an “IRA terrorist sympathiser”. I cannot stand hypocrisy and Theresa May should be fucking ashamed of herself, if her lizard brain is capable of such a feat.

Do the decent fucking thing and stand down. You’ve demonstrated that your legs are made of jelly, yet continue as if nothing’s happened. You make me sick. The oft-mentioned Magic Money Tree has been shaken, but the cash has landed in Arlene Foster’s toxic claws.

Just stop.