Welcome to my Personal Internet Cesspit

A concentrated nest of negativity to help keep everything else clean


Hi there! I’m Daniel and I sometimes get annoyed at things or people, and when that happens I tend to let it spill onto some corner of the Internet. It happens to everyone, I know. But that’s not good for my other social media platforms! Instead of venting frustration at the nearest open social media thing on my computer, I’m going to tuck it under the virtual carpet on this here blog where no-one can see it. It’ll help appease the part of me that wants to shout at something, while also ensuring it’s not broadcast on my Twitter feed for everyone to see.

It’s certainly not an original idea, as thousands of people have probably started the same thing, but I want to try to rid the other parts of my life of negativity because I hate feeling frustrated. So I’ll let it fester here, where it matters a lot less if it goes unchecked. I hope you enjoy the half-baked ramblings of an annoyed 21-year-old.

I’ll keep all identities anonymous if it relates to someone I know, but if you’re reading this and you know me, then stop reading it. This certainly isn’t meant to demonise anyone, it’s a way for me to vent. Although if you are featured on here, you’re probably doing something wrong and should stop.


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